Lectotype designation and redescription of Bathysciola destefanii (Ragusa, 1881) (Coleoptera, Cholevidae) from Sicily (Italy)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:L. LATELLA
Journal:Bollettino del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Verona
Start Page:67
Keywords:Bathysciola, Cholevidae, Italy, lectotype, Leptodirinae, paralectotypes, Sicily., taxonomy

Bathysciola destefanii (Ragusa, 1881) was originally described as Adelops destefanii on the basis of four females collected by Enrico Ragusa in Navurra, near Altavilla (Palermo Province). Only a sketch of the habitus and left antenna were reported in the original description; later on R. Jeannel in his “Revision des Bathysciinae” gave a short description of the species and provided the drawing of the internal sac of the aedeagus; in the “Monographie des Bathysciinae”, the same Author reported the drawing of the apex of the paramer. In this paper Bathysciola destefanii is redescribed based on the four typical specimens and new specimens collected in other localities in Western Sicily. Pictures of the diagnostic features are provided and the lectotype and paralectotypes are designated.

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