Cold stenothermal cave-dwelling beetles do have an HSP70 heat shock response

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:P. Bernabò, LATELLA, L., Jousson, O., Lencioni, V.
Journal:Journal of Thermal Biology
Keywords:cold stenothermal, heat shock proteins, neobathyscia mancinii, neobathyscia pasai, thermal stress

The response to high temperatures in adults of two cold stenothermal cave-dwelling leptodirins, Neobathyscia mancinii and Neobathyscia pasai (Coleoptera, Cholevidae) was evaluated by determinating levels of gene expression of two members of the family of heat shock proteins 70 kDa by qPCR. In both species, hsc70 mRNA level was constant with increasing temperature, whereas a significant increase in the inducible member (hsp70) mRNA was observed, higher in N. pasai. This difference could be due to their in-cave distribution: N. pasai colonizes the cave entrance where the temperature is more variable than the internal part where N. mancinii is confined. These results demonstrated for the first time the occurrence of a heat shock response in troglobite insects and suggest the correlation between the intensity of this response and the adaptation to the cave environment.

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